Tarot Readers Academy Summer School – Cards & Crystals, Spreads & Stones

Want to learn how to incorporate crystals into your tarot practice?

In Cards & Crystals, Spreads & Stones, the course I’m teaching at Tarot Readers Academy Summer School, you’ll learn five ways to add crystal magic to your tarot practice:

  • Creating sacred space and strengthening connections to your guides
  • Selecting individual crystals to work with based on the messages in the cards
  • Using pendulums for clarification and additional insight
  • Creating grids for longer-term change
  • Developing crystal grids to support clients in balancing or amplifying the current and/or incoming energies based on guidance from the cards.

Often, as readers, we give our clients affirmations or suggested meditations to work with following a reading—for example, we may suggest that a client who wants to attract more love into her life use the mantra, “I am loving and lovable.” To take that to the next level, we can suggest that she carry or wear rose quartz. But what happens if she now creates a crystal grid designed to help her in that mission to attract more love? She’s putting more of that energy out there and will get more of it back.

For more complex scenarios, I’ve developed a system for pairing crystals with each card in a spread to help clients work with the energy of that particular card in the best way possible. As an example, say the Tower comes up in a reading for a client who has just gone through a divorce and is ready to start dating again. This could be a reminder to let go of past approaches to relationships and try something different this time—in this context, mookaite jasper could help the client remain calm while becoming more flexible and open to new ways of thinking about relationships.

Learn to:
  • Choose crystals that complement them as readers to create an ideal reading setting
  • Select individual crystals to work with based on the messages in the cards
  • Use pendulums for additional clarity in readings
  • Create crystal grids that use the insight from readings to support growth and development around a specific goal or timeframe
  • Pair crystals and cards following a reading or spread to bring energies into balance and support clients in creating their desired outcomes.

Cost: $24 USD

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