Tarot testimonials

Tarot reading from Phoenix & Lotus“Jenn’s thoughtful readings have helped me to reflect more carefully on my actions in a very positive way. She chose cards from her collection based on my personality- I feel like that gave a more personal touch to the outcome. Her follow-up analysis gave me something tangible to refer to after the reading so I could continue reflecting upon the results.”

Sylvia — Atlanta, GA

“I have had several readings with Jenn, and every one has been spot on. She reads very intuitively and explains what she sees very clearly in her online readings, where I have previously had only mixed and vague experiences with other readers. Her readings provide insight and are easy to apply to real life situations.”

Betsy C. — Lowell, MA

“Jenn’s knack for translating intuitive insight into practical guidance is second to none. Her keen ability to get to the heart of the matter and tap into the unique meaning the cards have for her clients makes her one of my favorite and most trusted readers. When you work with Jenn, you’ll receive what most of us are looking for when we seek out the cards: a blueprint of opportunities–some perhaps disguised as obstacles–to look for and the confidence to embrace and use them for your highest good.”

MC — Manchester, NH