Tarot & Oracle Collection

Since I got my first deck at age 12, I’ve been drawn to tarot cards… in 2014, I started collecting decks. Shortly after, oracle decks started making their way home with me as well. I love that each deck takes a different approach–each artist brings personal meaning and depth to the interpretations of the cards. What decks are on your wish list?

Tarot decks

Antique Anatomy Tarot78 Cards | see the unboxing
American Obscura Tarot
Antique Anatomy Tarot | get the deck
Darkness of Light Tarot | see the unboxing
Dali Tarot Universal | see the unboxing
Disciples Tarot
The Fountain Tarot | get the deck
Golden Thread Tarot
Gypsy Palace Tarot | get the deck
The Housewives Tarot
Justice League Tarot
Lioness Oracle Tarot | get the deck
The Lumina Tarot | see the deck interview | get the deck
Madam Clara Sees All | get the deck
Midcenturian Tarot | get the deck
Mystic Dreamer Tarot
Ophidia Rosa Tarot | get the deck
Shadowscapes Tarot Wild Unknown Tarot and Alchemist's Oracle
Starchild Tarot Akashic Edition | get the decksee the unboxing
Starlight Dragon Tarot | get the deck | see the interview & unboxing
Paulina Tarot
Prisma Visions Tarot | get the deck
Tarot de Marseilles
Tarot of Pagan Cats
Thoth Tarot
The Vintage Horror Tarot
Wanderer’s Tarot | see the unboxing | get the deck
The Wild Unknown Tarot, first & second editions | get the deck
The Witch Bone Tarot
The Wooden Tarot | get the deck
Zombie Tarot

Lenormand decks

Enchanted Lenormand
Prince Lenormand
Seeker’s Lenormand | get the deck

Oracle decks

Arcana of Astrology | get the deck | see the unboxing
ARTfirmation deck
Ask Your Guides Oracle
Awakened Soul Oracle | get the deck
Compendium of Constellations
Connected & Free — The Alchemist’s Oracle
Daily Guidance from Your Angels Spirit de la Lune oracle
Dreamer’s Journey Oracle | get the deck | see the unboxing
Earthbound Oracle | get the deck
ExtraOrdinary Oracle | get the deck
Flowers from the Dead Oracle | get the deck
Indie Wild Rune Oracle | get the deck
Inner Star Oracle – Magic & Clarity editions
Halloween Oracle
Kuan Yin Oracle
Lavish Earth Crystal Affirmation Cards | get the deck
Life Purpose Oracle
Moon Phases Oracle | see the unboxing
The Moon Deck | get the deck | see the unboxing
Oracle of Oddities first, second & third editions | get the second edition
Pythia Botanica Oracle | get the deck
Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle | get the deck
Sacred Creators Oracle | get the deck | see the unboxing
Sacred Rebels Oracle
Sacred Wild Oracle | see the unboxing
Soul Trees Oracle | get the deck
Spirit Cats | get the deck
Spirit de la Lune Oracle | get the deck | see the unboxing
Tarot in Thyme
Universal Mind Oracle | get the deck
Vintage Wisdom Oracle
The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck | get the decksee the unboxing

My studies

To become a more accurate, insightful reader, I’ve done the following training: