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Stop and celebrate progress, already.

Tonight is the full moon in Capricorn.¬†Capricorn can bring out a ferocious work ethic, ambition, and drive to achieve. All of which is awesome, if we can channel it in positive ways… as opposed to beating ourselves up for not having accomplished everything we ever wanted to. Why aren’t I a millionaire? Why didn’t I win that award? How come I haven’t done X?

This full moon, I’m inviting you to celebrate how far you’ve come. What’s something you’ve accomplished? What gives you a sense of satisfaction and makes you feel all, “Fuck yeah, I did that!”

For me, in this moment, it’s this shop.

Of course, that realization started in a freak-out over not having enough inventory or variety for the two events I have lined up next month, both of which promise to be bigger and busier than events I’ve done in the past. While thinking about all the decks I’m running low on, whether my Google AdWords charges for the month hit yet, when certain suppliers estimated they’d send invoices, can I realistically get a shipment from Australia in time, do I want to restock certain decks, I was kind of beating myself up.

After all, I’m on a mission to be the largest supplier of high-quality indie tarot and oracle decks on the East Coast (and eventually in North America). And amazing new decks are coming out all the time. Which means a juggling act of Etsy shopping, backing things on Kickstarter, and finding artists on Instagram who are doing it all on their own. It’s a juggling act I enjoy most of the time… until I get all crazy and obsessive.

I stopped today to check the validity of my belief that I do not have enough inventory for the ZuZu’s Expo and NEMHO Fest. A quick glance at one of my spreadsheets revealed that I have 35 different decks in stock. I also have at least two more on the way, and I’m waiting to hear back on three other inquiries (which could potentially bring in a another five decks). Plus I have spread cloths and jewelry and boxes and deck bags and crystals and candles and plenty of other things.

Then I thought back to the first event I did for Phoenix & Lotus. I even found a photo in my Instagram feed (taken with an iPhone 5c, using a crappy filter I would never use today). You know how many decks I carried? Seven. And I was excited, because when I launched my online shop a few months earlier, I had five.

So, yeah. I’ve made some progress. And this Capricorn full moon, I’m going to stop and celebrate that.

What progress are you celebrating?


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