Waxing Moon Candle


Juniper & cedar soy candle by Soy Much Brighter in a 6-oz. golden tin or 8-oz. amber glass jar. Cotton wick.

Burn this candle during the waxing moon for inspiration. Juniper & cedar were blended together to give you that positive nudge you need to put your goals in motion. Take in the woody notes and let your mind wander into an inspirational force field.

When the moon is in its waxing phase, we are given the opportunity to look to our inward emotions & feelings in order to gather insight on goals and aspirations. This phase is all about attracting more energy, opportunity, or possibly a new mate? You should focus on clarifying with yourself what your truest desires are and set forth the gears to bring them to fruition. Juniper draws in supportive influences & positive attention. Cedar allows you to focus & concentrate.