The Textured Tarot


A 78-card tarot deck by U.K. artist Lisa McLaughlin. Comes with an 80-page guidebook in a full color tuck box. This deck comes with NO PLASTIC WRAPPING of any kind – there is no plastic  on the outside of the box and no cellophane band around the cards. You are receiving a new deck.

A collage-style deck. This deck is for you if:

  • you love Lisa McLaughlin’s other decks and have been waiting for a tarot deck.
  • collage-style art is your thing.
  • it’s cool if the guidebook doesn’t provide interpretations for reversals.
  • you prefer working with borderless cards.
  • you appreciate tarot decks that feature some diversity. The people in the cards aren’t all gorgeous 20-something white women, there are a variety of ages and ethnicities reflected in this deck.

Want to see all the cards? Watch the unboxing video.

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