The Brady Tarot


A 78-card tarot deck by linocut artist Emi Brady. Traditional sized cards with matte gold edges, packaged in a bamboo box with a 185-page guidebook by Rachel Pollack. This deck is for you if:

  • you love linocut art and natural history.
  • you like decks that vary from the traditional suits. This deck uses arrows (swords), feathers (wands), horns (cups) and roots (pentacles).
  • you’re a sucker for beautiful packaging: we’re talking about a fabric-lined bamboo box with emblems of each suit on the sides and a space for the guidebook to rest perfectly on top of the cards. Also, gorgeous thick card stock with matte gold edges and a creamy/smooth coating.
  • you like keywords written directly on the cards.
  • you’re a fan of rich, thoughtful guidebooks.

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