Bottanical Deck


A 130-card plant-themed superdeck by Jessica Bott. A tarot/oracle hybrid, this deck includes the 78 arcana of the tarot, as well as 50 oracle cards divided across 5 bonus suits. Comes in a 2-piece oversized box printed with purple foil. Also includes a 96-page paperback guidebook. Cards are standard tarot size: ¬†2.75″ x 4.75″

Trees = the major arcana, flowers = cups, crops = pentacles, spices = wands, cacti = swords. Bonus suits include poisons, mushrooms, herbs, medicines and carnivorous plants.

This deck is for you if:

  • all things botanical make your little heart beat faster.
  • the thought of a tarot/oracle hybrid lights you up.
  • you like boxes that hold the book and the deck together (even if you have to split the deck into 2 piles).
  • simple, colorful artwork appeals to you.
  • you’re into guidebooks that teach you new things. This one is way more focused on the amazing properties of the plants than on traditional tarot meanings.


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