Fox Universe Tarot


Described as a self-care oracle, the Fox Universe Tarot is not your traditional tarot deck. Created by Taylor Haigh, the deck includes 80 black and white cards printed on 400 gsm card stock with gilded edges and a matte laminate finish. Comes with a 96-page guidebook in a rigid 2-piece box. Cards measure 3″ wide by 4.75″ tall.

This deck is for you if:

  • you’re open to nontraditional takes on familiar tarot cards: in the majors, card #3 is the Crone, #13 is the Mother, #17 is the Twins, #20 is the Navigator.
  • you like the idea of suits that correspond to development, energy, burnout and self-care rather than the elements.
  • the court card structure student, ghost, witch and wizard is cool.
  • you’re looking for a tool designed to help you give yourself some radical self-care.
  • cards that are a little wider than normal work for you.


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