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Mineral Monday: Carnelian


For Mineral Monday, I try to switch things up so we’re covering stones with different colors, energies, and properties each week. We’ve covered green, blue, red, and brown so… on this week to orange! Carnelian is an orange to pinky/reddish-orange stone associated with the sacral chakra. The sacral chakra connects to our desires and pleasures: passion, creativity, warmth, wealth, and intimacy. This stone is often associated with the Wands suit in the tarot.

A form of chalcedony, carnelian’s color comes from impurities in the form of iron. The more red, the more iron present. While India is the largest source of carnelian, it’s also found in Peru, Brazil, Uruguay, Madagascar, and central Europe (Czech Republic, Romania, Slovakia).

The ancient Egyptians buried carnelian with their dead to protect them on the journey to the afterlife (much like the Chinese used jade). Because of this, it’s a useful stone in past life regression (1).

When you work with carnelian, think of vitality, passion and motivation. Consider how you can use its fiery energy to ignite a spark–are you looking for creative inspiration, a new sexual partner, or a confidence booster? Reach for carnelian. “It gives courage, promotes positive life choices, dispels apathy, and motivates for success in business and other matters,” according to Judy Hall. She goes on to say that it improves analytic abilities, sharpens thought, and helps with concentration (2). It’s also useful for overcoming abuse or addiction (based on its association with our pleasure centers) and helps you learn to trust yourself.

Carnelian is often associated with abundance. Combine that with its capacity to boost creativity and motivation, and this is one of my must-have stones for spells focused on new business ventures.

It took me a long time to really appreciate carnelian’s energy; it’s one of those stones you see everywhere.  With good reason–protective and invigorating, carnelian is a versatile healing stone. It’s definitely one I’d recommend for a starter crystal healing kit–we’ll talk about what else I’d recommend in a future blog post.

Want to work with carnelian energy? Try this creativity elixir. 

(1) The Encyclopedia of Crystals, Herbs, & New Age Elements. Adams Media, 2016.
(2) The Crystal Bible. Judy Hall. 2003.

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