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Mineral Monday: Blue Kyanite

blue kyanite

Pale blue, ice-like blue kyanite is this week’s Mineral Monday pick.

True story: A month ago, I got laid off from my day job. I have not been unemployed since July 1996, so to say I was rattled is an understatement. The next day, I stopped by my local crystal shop to see who wanted to come home with me. When the shopkeeper asked me what was new (I’m sort of a regular–shocking, I know…) and I told her I had just been laid off, she said, “You go hang out by the blue kyanite as long as you need to.”

Why? Because blue kyanite is awesome for bringing your chakras into alignment, ultimately helping you calm the heck down no matter what gets thrown at you. Ahhh. When you need to stay cool, calm and collected while speaking your personal truth, make this crystal your go-to. It’s great for releasing and calming, but also brings things together and speeds up other processes. Simon and Sue Lilly use “frictionless flow” as a keyword for this stone in The Essential Crystal Handbook, and I find that an apt description. Blue kyanite just smooths everything out, moving it along with a watery energy.

Found in Switzerland, Austria, Italy, France, Russia, Australia, Brazil, Mexico and the USA, it’s fairly easy to come by. However, most pieces are small and blade structured… this stone wants to flake, so it may require special handling. This is not one you just want to drop in your pocket… jewelry is the best way to go if you want to carry a piece with you.

Judy Hall describes blue kyanite as a high vibration stone, “excellent for attunement and meditation” as well as amplifying high frequency energies, stimulating psychic ability, and connecting to spirit guides (1). It facilitates ascension, so if you’re doing any kind of light work, it’s a strong addition to your space. It can also help you connect to your soul path (2).

I love to use blue kyanite in conjunction with selenite – they’ve got similar structures and energies. Together, they bring a really nice vibe to a space. Sometimes to give a crystal grid an extra boost, I’ll place a ring of kyanite around the outside. For me, this is a crystal I use for very specific things: creating sacred space, in healing work, for deep meditation, or to center myself when I’m seriously off-kilter (you know, like right after loosing a job). Though it’s a soothing energy, this is a high vibration stone; it may not be a daily driver for you. And that’s OK. Because when you DO work with it, it will be oh-so-satisfying.

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(1) The Crystal Bible. Judy Hall. 2003.

(2) The Crystal Bible 2. Judy Hall. 2009.

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