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Introducing #favecardfriday: A new Instagram challenge

fave card friday blog post

Last month, looking at different posts about people’s favorite tarot cards, I thought it would be really fun to launch an Instagram challenge inviting people to share their favorite depiction of a different tarot card each week. Post a picture, let people know what deck it’s from so we can all expand our wishlists, and use the hashtag #favecardfriday.

We’ll be starting tomorrow with the Fool and working through the entire deck over the next 78 weeks. And then probably moving on to oracle decks and Lenormand because why should tarot get all the love? Extra sparkle points for explaining why the card you shared appeals to you and what makes it your favorite.

I really can’t wait to see everyone’s decks and explanations. I’m also stoked because miraculously, the Lovers card falls on Valentine’s Day and I have a LOT to say about our society’s notions of partnership. đŸ˜‰ Here’s the initial schedule; I’ll be sure to update on Instagram regularly to make it easy for folks to stay on track (or join in as they find the challenge). Want in on the action three months from now? Feel free to start with the Fool even if the rest of us are on Temperance. No big deal. It’s never too late to join.

Happy sharing!

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