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Hive & Forge is open!

And I’m so in love with the space and all the other partners. Which is no surprise, as I already have several rings from Hypnovamp, and a total crush on everything from Primal Adornments, and knew I loved Jen and Rachel (the founders).

Then I saw this:

Cryptid plushies. OMG.

I started geeking out. When I got to Hive & Forge yesterday to add a few more decks, I immediately looked for the cryptids. I LOVE THE MOTHMAN AND HE IS MADE OF SOFT. How stinking cute is that Baphomet? (File under: Things I never thought I would write….) Ok. You get it. Here’s a peek at the rest of the goodness inside:

Miss Melissa hand-rolling beeswax candles and the mix-your-own herb station.

Fun clay goodies by carmi clay, memento mori and alien themed art by Corey Press over the mantel, and a peek at one of my shelves. Kick-ass shelves by Primal Adornments.
Jewelry by Two Stylish Sisters
Because… taxidermy. Also, glad we found a use for this library table I bought for $50 a few weeks ago, knowing it was unlikely to fit in either my house or my storage unit…
A peek at my sample deck station. Because it’s so important to be able to look through all the cards and see how they feel.
Stunning ceramics.
Another look at my space.
More taxidermy, bones and awesome jewelry.

One of the things I’m enjoying is the eclectic blend of really great things. Yes, right now we’ve got a lot of oddities and creepiness. But there’s also a lost of delicate jewelry, sweet soap, and lovely ceramics for simple, every day magic. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the shop evolves over time.

If you’re in Salem, stop by! We’re open 11-7 daily and we’re at 30 Church Street – right next to a parking lot. Park, stop in, and then cut through the alley to Essex Street. Hope to see you soon!

Posted on 1 Comment

1 thought on “Hive & Forge is open!

  1. Loved your space! I visited the shop several times during the Summer Symposium, and bought the Brady tarot deck from your space- beautiful! Looking forward to a return trip!

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