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Herb gardening: location, location, location

If you garden, you’re well aware of the thought that goes into deciding where to plant something. Sun exposure, soil composition and drainage, bloom season, height relative to companion plantings, etc. If you’re thinking about working herb magic, plant placement around your property should also be on that list.

For example, why not create a border of plants that ward off negative energy, like daffodil, foxglove, hyssop and ivy? Holly bushes are a popular border –they don’t just look good; they also provide protection for the home.

Running a home-based business? Try planting some mint or basil by your door or in a window box to attract customers.

If you want to work magick outdoors, why not create a sacred space with some of the following:

  • Cedar, thyme, rosemary, blackberry bush or vervain for purification and consecration
  • Solomon’s seal or echinacea to bind magickal workings
  • Violet to enhance night magick
  • Wisteria, marigold, carnation or yarrow to enhance psychic powers

And, of course, mosquito deterrents to keep your space pest-free while you’re setting up your spells: catnip, lavender, peppermint, basil, citronella, lemon balm, and wormwood.

On the flip side, certain plants can have less desirable effects if you plant them in the wrong location– for example, one source claims hydrangea planted by the front door will cause your daughters to remain spinsters. Great if you’re trying to scare off a sketchy suitor, not so great if you want the poor gal to find true love, live happily ever after and all that.

If you’ve got limited space, potted herbs may be your best bet. Focus on versatile herbs that pack a lot of power: there’s a reason parsley, sage, rosemary and thyme are staples. They all do well in pots, and support a variety of magickal work. They’re also easily explained to nosy neighbors if you’re still in the broom closet. No one’s going to question culinary seasons, but some of the more exotic magickal herbs may attract unwanted attention.

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