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Getting to know The Brady Tarot

When I backed The Brady Tarot on Kickstarter, I was intrigued by the images I’d seen on Instagram. I was even more intrigued by the fact that creator Emi Brady was using linocut printing, hand-carving the images on blocks to make prints, and then hand-coloring each image. Her video describing the research and process behind the deck convinced me I had to support the project.

When it was time to choose a pledge option, I picked the one with as much swag as I could afford at the time, because I am a sucker for tarot-related art, t-shirts, tote bags, etc. (I have an amazing collection of tarot art that is going to ROCK when I open my brick and mortar shop.) One of the incentives? A tarot reading by the artist.

Which I completely forgot about until I got a message earlier this week from Emi to schedule my reading. I’ve had a lot going on lately and haven’t done a Phoenix & Lotus business check-up in a while, so I figured that would be the perfect topic for my reading.

Emi and her deck delivered an amazingly clear, insightful, beautiful reading. She used a spread developed by tarot legend Rachel Pollack┬áspecifically for this deck, and let me tell you, it fit perfectly. (Rachel also wrote the accompanying guidebook for The Brady Tarot – another reason I’m so excited for this deck.)

While I won’t share the exact contents of my reading, I will say that this deck has a strong, clear voice. It’s honest and straightforward without being harsh. The cards beautifully incorporate myths and legends about the animals featured in the images, adding depth and context to the traditional keywords and meanings. Plus there’s enough detail so readers will be able to notice different elements over time, without initially being overwhelmed at the complexity of the cards. Here are a few more images:

My brief taste of this deck has definitely left me wanting more.

You can pre-order the Brady Tarot here. And yes, I plan to stock this deck. ­čÖé

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