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Balance: A Mabon 2018 Tarot Blog Hop


For this Tarot Blog Hop, Louise and I, your trusty co-wranglers, decided to focus on balance as we reach the equinox, when the balance of light & dark is upon us again. The Northern Hemisphere is going darker whilst the Southern Hemisphere is coming more into the light. We’re in the week-long celebration of Mabon. We asked blog hoppers to explore the concept of balance using tarot, and offered the following ideas as starting points:

1: What are some areas in your life that currently need balancing?
2: How does your balance change through the seasons?
3: Share your favorite Mabon tarot spread… be sure to give credit to the creator if it’s not one of your own spreads!

I decided to create a spread that would help me sort out exactly what areas need balance. I’m a huge fan of What/How style spreads, so here’s what I came up with… First I drew a card to determine what needs to be brought into balance in my…

  • relationships?
  • work?
  • home?
  • health?
  • spiritual practice?

And then I pulled a “How do I balance it?” card for each of those areas.

Choosing a deck was easy – I wanted something that juxtaposed light and dark, and the Marigold Tarot by Amrit Brar does so beautifully with its black and gold artwork. Here’s what I drew; the top row is what needs balancing and the bottom row is how to sort that out:


Digging in, most of it made sense. Relationship-wise, my husband has been a bit, errr… concerned… about financial stability, as I’ve been freelancing for the last six months- that’s your Nine of Rings. While I’ve been bringing in enough to pay the bills, he’s far more conservative than I am and would love it if I’d double down on the job search (Page of Wands). Good thing I started applying for some marketing gigs, apparently.

And that aligns nicely with the message from the Ace of Rings: I’ve been putting this job search/quest for income off and it’s time to stop spending most days planning my someday witchy shop. Which will happen, just not now.

House stuff… well, we’ve uncovered most of the ugliness that was lurking behind the walls and in the pipes and sorted that out… now it’s all about coming to an agreement on which projects take priority, setting up timelines and communicating who will spearhead each project. Let’s have a rational discussion and not argue about the proper way to hold a paintbrush.

I’ve been taking small steps to improve my health and I need to be like the Knight of Rings and keep plugging away, not give into temptation/bad habits when I get emotional.

Finally, on the spiritual practice front, there’s some shadow work in my future. I need to go into deep meditation and look at those past hurts and traumas. And I need to go in carefully, with plenty of preparation for what I may uncover, as opposed to dashing in just to get it done. This time of year I seem to be naturally drawn to shadow work, and I know there are some things I need to deal with.

I’d love to hear about your experience using this spread, or any other Mabon spreads you enjoy!

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Posted on 5 Comments

5 thoughts on “Balance: A Mabon 2018 Tarot Blog Hop

  1. If you like that deck, check out Świetlistej Drogi 🙂

  2. Cool deck. I didn’t come across that one in my searches, so I’m glad to know about it. Also, I checked out the deck Ania mentions–awesome! I really like the spread–short and sweet and to the point and highly adaptable. I’m looking forward to trying it out!

  3. I love the Marigold Tarot. It really is gorgeous. This spread is so adaptable as Joy says. Really. Thanks for sharing it!

  4. I had an out loud wow moment seeing that deck, it is stunning. The black/gold contrast just speaks of this topic. Thank you for the insights and the spread.

  5. What I love is your practical application of the messages from the cards to your own daily life. Really great advice for your own self, and actually a great deck symbolic theme for the next hop as well. 🙂

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