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When an animal you’re scared of shows up as a guide

moth cards from indie tarot and oracle decks
My mother’s text, which sparked the moth onslaught over the next few days.

While many witches feel a special connection to animals, in most cases, that bond doesn’t extend to ALL animals.

Admit it–there are critters that creep you out. It doesn’t matter if they’re furred, feathered, fuzzy, smooth-skinned, scaled, or something else. There’s probably some animal, bird, fish, or insect that makes you uncomfortable. Loads of people are scared of snakes or spiders. Rats and mice aren’t universally beloved. My husband is not a fan of scorpions. You get the picture.

Personally, I’m intimidated by goats due to a childhood incident at the Jungle Gardens petting zoo. I think geese are assholes. Guinea pigs and bunnies kind of skeeve me out (though I’m totally down with bats, rats and mice). But the number one animal on my GETTHATTHINGAWAYFROMME list: moths.

Yes. Moths.

So, it was kind of a big deal when they started showing up for me EVERYWHERE. When my mom texted me a photo of one, I didn’t think much of it–my family finds my moth aversion amusing.

But then moths started showing up in my Instagram feed. A lot. Like 3-4 times a day for several days in a row. I even had someone (who knew nothing about my moth thing) reach out to me directly with this pendant–a moth hand-cast in resin:moth in resin

Clearly, the moths are trying to tell me something. Aside from all the traditional moth messages about transformation, being drawn to the light, and acting on impulse, I got the message to examine my fears. I joked that I was having a Batman moment; that I was supposed to turn my fears into an emblem. (No, I’m not changing my business name or logo.)

Honestly, examining my fears was liberating. While they can be helpful, designed to protect us from physical or emotional injury, sometimes we outgrow them. Fears that were perfectly reasonable and even useful to a small child may be¬†detrimental to an adult. The moths got me to look at many fears that no longer work to protect me, but actually limit my growth. So I’ve retired some of those fears, resolved to confront others, and generally stopped accepting my fears at face value. I’m leaning into them more, trying to understand why they exist and whether or not they help me lead the life I truly want.

While I haven’t worn the moth pendant yet, I have placed it on my altar as a step toward working with this insect’s energy. Next time I see a moth, I probably won’t rush over with adoration. But I’ll approach it with an open mind and ask what–if anything–it has to tell me.

What signs have encouraged you to reexamine your fears?

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