About the owner

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Hi, I’m Jenn, Phoenix & Lotus proprietor. Nice to meet you!

A few years ago, shortly before my 40th birthday, I had kind of a meltdown–I felt like I should somehow be more together. Further along. More enlightened. So I dug in and took a closer look at the bits and pieces that made up my spiritual practice. I had trouble putting a name on what I was, but I knew how I wanted to feel.

After much exploration, I realized that I’m a solitary eclectic witch.

I also realized that even though I may want to practice magic on my own, I still wanted to feel like part of some kind of community. I wanted people I trusted to turn to when I wasn’t sure what came next. People who wouldn’t judge or get preachy or roll their eyes when I asked super-basic questions.

I was lucky, because I found some of those people. Three of them turned out to be long-time friends–folks I knew I could trust because they had known and accepted me for years. That was a wonderful feeling. So I was disappointed there weren’t any shops near me where I could get that kind of information and encouragement while shopping for magic supplies. Suspecting I couldn’t be the only one in the area feeling that way, I decided to create my own space.

Eventually, I found a bunch of other great people who were willing to share what they know with me. I found wonderful shops that felt warm and welcoming as soon as I walked in (if you ever have the chance to go to the Robin’s Nest in Bellingham, MA or Leapin’ Lizards in Portland, ME, DO IT)–places that made me think, “YES. This is the type of space I want to create.” I met all kinds of artists, crafters, light-workers, witches, pagans, and creative types who make their own brand of magic. And you know what? I’m willing to share what I’ve learned with you. Magic comes in all shapes and sizes–what works for someone else might not be right for you. Then again–it might be absolutely perfect. So dig in and figure out what flavors you like best.

I claim limited expertise at anything other than research–but I’m great at tracking down people who know more than I do about this stuff. Oh, I also rock at turning my house into a lab. Totally not afraid to try all sorts of things to figure out what works and then report back. So if you want to start exploring your personal magic…  whatever that looks like for you? Welcome to Phoenix & Lotus. Come on in.