About the shop


Phoenix & Lotus exists to give people the resources they need to explore their own personal magic–whether that’s reading tarot cards, working with crystals, kitchen witchery, or you have no clue because you’re just starting and haven’t figured it out yet. That’s cool. Think of us as an all-embracing pagan shop.

Why the name “Phoenix & Lotus?”

Both are signs of growth and transformation. Together, these two symbols embody all four elements: the phoenix represents fire and air, while the lotus symbolizes earth and water. At the heart of their transformations and journeys: Spirit.

At its most basic level, we turn to magic for some kind of transformation. Whether you’re looking for a dramatic change in your life path or just want to get bad in-law juju out of your house, magic is all about deciding what you want and then taking steps to get there.

How do you choose the items you carry?

For something to appear in the shop, I have to have touched it. I initially choose artists based on a visceral reaction to their work: I’ll see something on Instagram or a friend will show me an item she’s bought and I’ll get excited. There’s a certain energy that intrigues me. Next, I’ll do some research to learn more about the artist; eventually I’ll order something to see how the transaction goes and examine quality for myself. If I get a package in the mail, open it up, and love what I get, I’ll reach out to talk wholesale. If I’m not in love with it, the story ends there. I’ve spent a decent amount of time developing my intuition–I trust it to guide me in selecting people to work with.

I want to carry items that reflect the diversity of the tarot and pagan community–decks and goods by and including people of color, LGBTQ, and members of other groups who have traditionally been silenced. If you’re an artist who thinks your work could be a good fit for my shop, please contact me: jenn@phoenix-lotus.com.