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2017 Witchy/Woo-Woo Gift Guide: The Meditation Masters, Soulpreneurs, and more

Sacred Creators Oracle deck

As the final set of recommendations in the 2017 witchy gift guide series, we’ll check out options for the meditation masters, soulpreneur/boss babes, and those just starting on their magickal journeys.

For the Meditation Masters:

Malas make wonderful gifts–they’re pretty and a great meditation aid. You choose a mantra, prayer, or affirmation for each mala, and then recite that phase once for each of the 108 beads. (Raised Catholic? Think of it as a Buddhist rosary.) The repetition can help focus your intention, coupled with the feel of the beads in your hand. Bonus for choosing malas made of materials aligned with magickal or spiritual goals. My friend Sarah the Sunshine Fairy offers both full-sized malas and pocket malas. Looking for a particular stone? She does custom work as well.

A subscription to the Headspace app is another fun option, offering guided meditations for everything from improving focus to reducing stress. With recordings as short as just 2 minutes, the app makes it easy to fit meditation into even the busiest days.

For the Soulpreneurs and Boss Babes

Chris-Anne’s Sacred Creators Oracle is without a doubt one of my favorite decks ever. I love it so much that it’s one of the few decks I keep private and don’t use with anyone else. It has its own special journal and it’s definitely a crucial part of my Phoenix & Lotus journey… The cards and guidebook provoke serious reflection on what work you need to do to bring your sacred creation into the world. Using this deck is kind of life having a business coach in your back pocket. For real.

A good planner is like a secret weapon when it comes to mastering an entrepreneurial empire. While Benebell Wen’s 2018 Metaphysician’s Day Planner calls for you to handle the printing, the content and guidebook are ridiculously cool. Jess Carlson’s Witching 2018 planner is another great DIY option for magickal Type A peeps. Don’t want to print it yourself? Try Biddy Tarot’s 2018 planner.

For the new practitioner

For someone new to any practice (magickal or otherwise) a little encouragement can go a long way. This Workbook of Shadows and Wiccan Toolkit can support the beginning Wiccan along his or her path. Ethony’s course “Spirit Guides and Intuitive Tarot” could be good for the beginning tarot reader. Llewellyn has a series of magickal datebooks and almanacs that can help newbies learn a little every day and build up a library of knowledge without overwhelming them.

Hop you’ve enjoyed this series and have some fun ideas for magical gift-giving!

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