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2017 Witchy/Woo-Woo Gift Guide: for the Crystal Kids

crystal grids

Today, we’ll look at some gift ideas for the people obsessed with crystals and minerals.

Rock-solid gift suggestions:

You’re bound to win with pretty much anything from Lavish Earth: crystal affirmation cards, gorgeous crystal and mineral specimens, magical moldavite pieces in wee soapstone boxes… just… Amy chooses her crystals with such care, you can feel the love radiating from them. I’m not exaggerating. The same holds true for InnerVision Crystals–they’ve got beautiful stones chosen by people who truly love what they do.

Another option: laser-etched crystal grids from Cave and Canyon–you can add¬†sets of crystals for gridding as well. Featuring sacred geometry, these grids are decorative as well as functional, ranging in size from 4×4″ to 8×8″. If you’re looking for larger, more intricate grids, check out Stone and Violet (who has AMAZING moon phase shelves for displaying all the sparklies). J. Drew Silvers has smaller (ad somewhat more affordable) wooden shelves and boxes for displaying and charging crystals.

Headspace Illustrations has lovely art prints of various crystals, in a range of sizes. She has crystal note card sets available as well.

If Herkimer diamonds are your girl’s best friend, (or any other stone, for that matter) try these raw stone rings set in copper from HawkHouse. Not sure of size? Try a pendant instead.

How about this fun crystal journal, perfect for recording the healing properties of different stones?

I’m kind of torn on the VitaJuwel bottles… while I like the idea of water bottles with gems, I want to be able to create my own combos, not just choose from the available blends. But for someone just starting to get into crystals, this may be a great option.

If you’d rather gift an experience, try tickets to a local gem and mineral show or even a local mine.

What ideas do you have? Share in the comments!

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