Why the ExtraOrdinary Oracle deck rules

So, you may have noticed that I’m not super-zen. I work full-time in addition to running Phoenix & Lotus, and I have a wide variety of interests that keep me pretty busy.

That’s why I have a special affinity for the magic of the mundane. Because if you think that I have three hours on a Saturday to get all high-vibed and dialed in and AHHH? Uh… no. I like to think of myself as a 15-minute witch, meaning that any ritual or working that takes more than 15 minutes is probably not for me. There are exceptions, of course. But for the most part, I dwell in the realm quick-ass magick. Which brings us back to the ExtraOrdinary Oracle and the beautiful, underestimated, underappreciated magick of the plainest daily items.

Here’s my deck interview:

ExtraOrdinary Oracle deck interview

Describe yourself: Journal. A trusted confidante. Ahhh.

What kinds of readings will you excel at: Honey bee. Want to know about work or practical methods to get shit done? This is the deck to hit up for guidance.

How can we best work together: To-do list. No BS, just grab the deck and sling some cards. Especially when I’m struggling with too much to do and need help prioritizing.

What are you here to teach me: Thunderstorm. The magic of pressing pause and watching things unfold, without actively being in control. The joy of observation from a distance rather than the way things look in the thick of danger.

It really is a lovely little deck–especially for those who embrace the power of a cup of tea, comfortable sweater, and favorite pen. Sometimes the simplest answers are the most telling.

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Jenn is the proprietor of Phoenix & Lotus. She's also a storyteller, solitary eclectic witch, tarot reader, tarot and oracle deck collector, cat lady, and aspiring astrologer.

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