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More Traveling Tarot Trunks!

Metaphysical wares for sale at pagan pride day

Last year, I was really excited to show off the Traveling Tarot Trunk. It seemed like the perfect way to showcase my wares. People love the trunk. I love the trunk. It makes it easy to store, transport, and display all the decks. Win/win, right?

Until I started selling more decks.

Lots more decks.

Like, too many to all fit in one trunk many decks.

The solution was obvious: More trunks.

While antiquing with a friend, I found one for $20. A little rickety, and a little smaller than the original, but… great details.

The second trunk.
  Cool wood and metal appointments. Fun color. Ideal vibe.

This time, instead of just painting the inside, I lined the shelves with some soft fabric I had left over from another project. That was little tougher to manage, but I liked the end result.

The second trunk, in progress.
  Later on I lined the inside of the lid with still more fabric I had left over from another project.

I loved the two-trunk system. It definitely helped create sort of a gypsy caravan/traveling roadshow vibe. And having them set up on the same table, with one at each end, gave me a cool balance. Plus I could put oracle decks on one and tarot decks in the other. Like so:

Multi-trunk display.
  Mostly tarot decks in the original, oracle in the new one.

Then guess what happened. The older, smaller trunk started to show signs of wear from getting hauled all over New England and tossed into and out of my car, dragged up and down the basement stairs… generally getting abuse I hope no one inflicts on me when I’m 70+ years old. I gave it some TLC, including a new lath, replacement corners and additional brackets and now she’s sound again.

And… I found yet another trunk I had to have. I was in the middle of planning for something totally not shop-related, and yet my guides kept nudging me to go to one of the local antique stores. “But I don’t need anything!” I thought. “You DO… you just don’t know it yet,” They replied. Lo and behod, this behemoth was there, marked $40. When I got up to the register, I discovered he was part of a poorly advertised 50% off sale. Thank you, guides. I got it.

  Meet the Giant.

I gave him some blue shelves to match the lining, painted the inside lid with chalkboard paint, and made a big old wheeled platform to help with transport and display, because this dude is way too big for me to be able to lift onto a table. Especially packed with decks and crystals!

  I am especially proud of the wheeled cart. That thing is diesel, and makes moving the other trunks easier as well.

Basically, my traveling set up is getting bigger and better. I love the way they work together, as well as the gypsy caravan vibe. You can see all three trunks in action in this picture from the Southern New Hampshire Pagan Pride event a few weeks ago:

  Don’t they look happy together?

I’m loving this part of my adventure, too – it’s all about creating a sacred space for shop storage and transport. While I work on each trunk, I infuse it with good intentions that the decks and crystals inside bring joy and magic to their new homes. People appreciate the time and effort I put into making this display; I appreciate that they notice. The trunks are definitely a great conversation starter… and a way I put some of myself into the shop.

Want a closer look at the trunks? Check them at out an upcoming event

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