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The Wild Unknown Spirit Animal Unboxing

So, I got this deck as soon as it went on sale, opened it, loved it and…

…let it sit for a month because I was doing too many other things to be able to give it the attention it deserves.

I started using it for the #morningoracle draws a month ago and discovered that it’s really dialed in to what’s going on around it. For example, on Father’s Day I drew Elk. One of the keywords for that card? Father. My mother was visiting and while we were sitting out on the deck, we both noticed a hummingbird at my recently-filled feeder. When we went back in the house and she pulled a card? Hummingbird. Hey there, synchronicity.

The cards are beautiful–a lovely thick stock like the Wild Unknown tarot deck.

Here’s my interview reading with this deck:

TWU Animal Spirit deck interview

I used a deck interview spread I learned from Ethony. Initially, I recorded my gut reaction to the card, then I posted insight from the guidesheet and book. Here’s what that revealed:

1. What kind of readings will you excel at?

Swan: Reflection, emotional growth, going within, unlocking your intuition. This was the poster that came with my deck… In some ways, it reminds me of the Lovers card from the tarot. Swans mate for life, and this card is about balance – masculine and feminine, each partner pulling their own weight and doing their own work, yet remaining committed to the partnership. I feel like this deck is telling me if I show up ready to work, so will she.

From the guide: Effortless creativity, sensitive mystic. “When the Swan appears, your soul is calling for attention… for solo time. An inner voice is waiting to be heard, inner vision likely to be revealed.” OK, those things line up.

2. What are your strengths as a Tarot deck?

Raccoon: Resourcefulness. Take what’s in front of you and make it work for you. These guys are not shy. They also wash their food – make sure what you’re taking in is clean/clear/good for you. Cleansing as you dig through the trash?

From the guide: Talented, shadowy, in hiding. “Raccoon energy is at play within all artists…At best, it indicates talent, tenacity and skillfulness with a particular musical instrument or creative tool. Its shadow side points to an unresolved issue around self-image and success.” Ahhhh… this deck will be good for shadow work, which I happen to really enjoy.

3. What are you here to teach me?

Zebra: Show your stripes! Don’t be afraid to stand out, be different, be you. Also, perseverance/stamina. Unsure why I associate those qualities with zebras, but… I do.

From the guide: eccentric, creative, visionary. “Being in the company of a Zebra personality is not only a delight, but it also opens our minds… Their potent magic is contagious and you may soon find yourself in a far away land, expanding your worldview while having a blast.” WHOO-HOO! This is what Phoenix & Lotus is all about, folks. Perfect.

4. How can I connect best with you?

Octopus: Hands on, baby. Dive in and immerse yourself.

From the guide: Lacking boundaries and direction. Reaching, yearning, “well-intended but messy relationships.” Great. get dirty with it.

5. What card sums you up the best?

Peacock: Unique, focused, beautiful. Peacocks live in groups; the Wild Unknown has a special following/community.

From the guide: Inner beauty, compassion, assimilator. “The secret of the Peacock is that beauty resides within and extends outwards indefinitely.” This card represents a rare advanced acceptance of the self and others. Nice. Also a certain level of vanity in this deck, perhaps, touting its own enlightenment? Or an ability to recognize and reveal gits, regardless of who possesses them. Let’s go with that interpretation.

Want to see what messages this deck has for you? Book a reading and let me know at checkout you’d like me to use the Wild Unknown Animal Spirit deck!


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