Test-driving the Darkness of Light Tarot

Test-driving the Darkness of Light Tarot

So – I’ve been using the Darkness of Light Tarot for about a month now and…

I love it.

It’s one of my new favorite decks. This deck GETS ME.

I usually charge my decks out on my screen porch altar for a few days/nights, then sleep with them under my pillow for a few more nights to connect. I’ll sit on the couch shuffling, or shuffle while I’m at my desk reading email to break in the cards. I did that with this deck. I also blacked the edges (the first time I’ve ever done that to a deck. It felt dirty, but awesome at the same time, and I love the way the cards look with the dark edges).

Every morning, I draw a card to explore what energies I should tune into that day. I used this deck for my daily draws from July 27-August 31, and in that time, I pulled 19 majors. I’m a fairly aggressive shuffler, and since I was getting to know the deck I was shuffling a LOT, so it’s not a matter of, “oh, you just didn’t mess the cards up enough and the majors were all on top.” I don’t even take the top card. I shuffle, set the deck down, lift the cards with my left (non-dominant) hand, and let some fall away until the deck tells me to stop.

Over the course of the month, my most-drawn card was the Queen of Wands- which makes perfect sense as I’m in the midst of an entrepreneurial jolt trying to take this business to the next level. 🙂 I’ve also drawn all her family members (the entire Wands court). But it wasn’t all about the Wands – I drew several cards from each suit, helping me understand the breadth and depth of this deck.

It’s got just the right amount of detail in the images for the size of the cards–the perfect balance. And while the colors are muted, they’re still evident and shape the mood of the cards. Ideal for people who don’t want to work in black and white alone, but shay away from vivid decks. The card names in Italian weren’t a problem or a distraction for me, something I was a little concerned about initially.

If this deck were a person, it would be the uncle you trust to tell it like it is without judging you. Honest, yet tactful. I’ll continue to work with this deck through the next few months and may try it for client readings now that we’ve gotten to know each other.

You can see the unboxing video and my first impressions of this deck here.

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Jenn is the proprietor of Phoenix & Lotus. She's also a storyteller, solitary eclectic witch, tarot reader, tarot and oracle deck collector, cat lady, and aspiring astrologer.

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