Tarot & oracle deck wish list, January 2017

Yes, I’m a deck collector. I love the artwork, I love the feel of cards in my hands, I love the different stories each deck has to tell and unlock.

And here are the decks I’m currently lusting after:

Tarot Decks

Serpentfire Tarot: Every time I see this deck, I think, “OOH! What is THAT!?” Bold colors, kaleidoscopes, collages, and  wide-open settings suck me in to this deck by Devany Wolfe.

Divina Tarot: A black and white deck by Mary Elizabeth Evans, creator of the Spirit Speak Tarot. I have no clue why this one interests me so much more than her other decks, but… it does.

Luminous Spirit Tarot: From the creator of the Golden Thread Tarot, one of my favorites. An entirely different look and feel, but still captivating.

Oracle Decks

The Arthur Rackham Oracle: When I was a child, my grandparents on my father’s side gave me an amazing collection of children’s books. One of those books was the 1922 edition of Nathaniel Hawthorne’s Wonder Book with illustrations by Arthur Rackham. I LOVE the illustrations. They captivated me as a child and continue to do so 35+ years later. Rackham’s characters–people, trees, animals, objects brought to life–make this one of the decks I truly lust after.

The Moon Angels | Malakh Halevanah deck: it’s just… different. Abstract. Airy. Alive. Also, the artist paints boobs in the most awesome way possible. For real – go follow @rebekaherevstudio on Instagram and you’ll see what I mean.

What decks are you obsessed with?

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Jenn is the proprietor of Phoenix & Lotus. She's also a storyteller, solitary eclectic witch, tarot reader, tarot and oracle deck collector, cat lady, and aspiring astrologer.

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