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What tarot cards capture where you are right now?

Over in the Tarot Readers Academy facebook group, Headmistress Ethony posted a great tarot card reflection prompt. She asked, “What card represents your current spiritual journey?”

It didn’t take me long to sort out my response: I’m a Queen of Cups in a 10 of Wands situation trying to 2 of Swords my way through it all. (Actually, it’s probably more of a Wheel of Fortune meets the Tower situation, but I’m trying to be optimistic here.) I didn’t choose just one card because to me, the story lies in the situation we’re in and how we respond. 

Here’s what that looks like: Person + Situation + Response = STORY.

When you have a person, you’re looking at all the characteristics that make that person unique: How they view the world, their likes and dislikes, strengths and weaknesses and so on.

Then: something happens to that person. He falls in love, she wins an entrepreneurship competition, war breaks out… You get the gist.

How that person handles the situation is what makes the story. Because people react differently.

Say a King of Pentacles wins the lottery (situation). He’s all, oooh, I’m gonna invest that money to build more wealth (response). Knight of Wands wins the same jackpot? Whoo-hoo, extended Caribbean vacation!

So, getting back to the representation of my spiritual journey: I am a Queen of Cups. Watery, emotional, intuitive. Prone to be a little dramatic (which I’m fighting as I get older).

My situation has been one of carrying all the things and feeling burdened by circumstances beyond my control–the Ten of Wands. As part of that, I am doing my best not to take on burdens that don’t belong to me, because I am already saddled with enough of my own stuff.

As for my Two of Swords response… I am trying to sit tight and defend myself from further suffering, while recognizing that I often have no visibility into what’s coming at me. I want to make decisions based on what I know is truly best moving forward, which calls for me to go deep within, looking beyond external appearances and rational logic. And in so many ways I feel like I’m paused and can’t make progress right now. But if I breathe deeply and envision the future I want, sooner or later I will be ready to cut away the blindfold and trust my path forward.

To change where I am and how I’m reacting, I’m going to choose a different story. I’m still the Queen of Cups – that won’t change. (Except for the days I’m the High Priestess ;). BUT: Now I’m choosing my situation: 10 of Pentacles. I want the warmth and security of that card. How will I get there? Judgment. By truly pursuing my calling.

I’ll pull those cards and put them on my altar, and spend a few minutes focusing on the every day, until they reflect my reality.

Which cards represent where you are on your journey?

Darkness of Light Tarot pictured above. 


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