Mineral Monday: Tarot Readers Academy Summer School

So, this week’s Mineral Monday is a bit different. I wanted to let you know that I’m teaching a course on using crystals to elevate your tarot practice as part of Tarot Readers Academy Summer School. Summer School opens for registration on June 1, so… get ready!

I’m thrilled to be part of a stellar […]

Mineral Monday: Smoky Quartz

There are tons of different forms of quartz–colors, formations, markings, etc. While most people associate quartz with lighter colors, smoky quartz has darkness and depth sometimes lacking in other stones. Smoky quartz varies from pale gray and light brown to dark gray–even almost black. Like citrine, specimens sold as smoky quartz are sometimes artificially colored […]

Monday, April 11, 2016|Categories: Crystals & minerals|Tags: , , |

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Scouting for stones at the Meriden Mineral Show

Yesterday I went to the annual jewelry, gem and mineral show hosted by the Lapidary & Mineral Society of Central Connecticut. Which just happens to be right down the street from my mom’s house.

I was hoping to find some crystals for the shop–I like to choose pieces in person, rather than online. While the wholesale connection […]

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Lavish Earth Crystal Affirmation Cards Unboxing

I’m super-excited to announce that when the shop launches in a few weeks, we’ll be stocking the Lavish Earth Crystal Affirmation Cards, created by Amy Woodson. These cards provide information on a variety of crystals and minerals, including keywords, tips on how to work with them, and, of course, beautiful and powerful affirmations.

Five reasons I […]