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First impressions of the Starlight Dragon Tarot

When I saw the Starlight Dragon Tarot, I realized that the dragons are different from anything else in my collection. I think the only dragon artwork I have may be one or two cards in the Shadowscapes tarot and then dragon card in The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle. I don’t have very many square decks. And I definitely don’t have any other cards that want to work diagonally, like these do. And I don’t have many decks with such vivid colors against such a deep black background. So from a collector’s standpoint, it was easy to justify buying this deck.

And once I got my hands on it, it was easy to justify carrying the Starlight Dragon Tarot in the shop. Beautiful cards, a book with spreads that set the cards up to look like dragon scales… so fun.

My introductory/getting to know each other reading wasn’t what I expected… I used an elemental spread to see how the deck lined up with each of the elements.

Starlight Dragon Tarot deck interview

Air [top, thought/communications]: The Wheel. This dragon has almost a goat or gazelle-like feel, bounding forward. The card including colors that represent each of the elements leads me to believe this deck will present clear insight/messages about the validity of my beliefs about each of these areas… This deck will deliver great insight in response to questions about thoughts, belief systems, perception of a situation, and communication.

Earth [bottom, health & wealth]: Five of Fire. Oooh. This one’s a little challenging – there’s a sort of starfish/flower petal image in the middle opening up, but there are many branches protecting it. Fives are tough, they test our mettle. Readings in this category may be more difficult to decipher, but when I get to the core of the matter, it will be worth it.

Water [left, intuition & emotion]: Knight of Fire. CHARGE! FULL SPEED AHEAD! Maybe not so much for readings in this vein? Fire and water aren’t always the best companions, but they work together just fine when you’re trying to bring something to a boil. I’ll probably use this deck for questions on how to initiate/grow intiution.

Fire [right, passion/creativity/career]: Knight of Earth.  This deck will give me deliberate, practical advice about these matters… which isn’t always what you want to hear when you’re looking for insight on passion projects, but we all need a reality check sometimes. It may as well come from the cards.

Like what you see? Get the Starlight Dragon Tarot deck here.

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