In 2014, The Hierophant came up as my card of the day 39 times. Yes, you read that right–I drew more than a month of Hierophants. Talk about a stalker tarot card… In 2015, he was still my most-drawn card, turning up 14 times. Last year, he backed off a bit: he’s no longer my most frequent daily draw, stepping aside for several others.

If you’ve been working with the cards for any length of time, you’re bound to notice certain cards turn up more than others–especially in relation to a particular person, situation, or question. So why does this happen and what does it mean?

Let’s go back to what I just said: “certain cards turn up more than others–especially in relation to a particular person, situation, or question.

In 2014, I was starting a new stage in my spiritual journey. I was absolutely seeking out teachers and mentors on that front. At the same time, I got a job with a company where everyone worked from home, so I was adapting to new structures, hierarchies, and a new social order. The Hierophant very clearly relates to both of those situations. Given what was happening at the time, it’s no surprise to me that he regularly turned up to help me navigate.

If you’re consistently dealing with someone who has a great deal of influence in your life, it makes perfect sense for cards that align to that person to show up in readings. Even if the readings seem to be about entirely different things.

For example, say you’re taking care of an elderly uncle you associate with the King of Pentacles. You do a career reading one day and a reading about your house search a few days later–the King of Pents pops up in both. In the career reading, this card could represent traits you admire, like your uncle’s perseverance or resourcefulness. In the new home reading, the King could call out your concerns about a house you like being too far away for you to provide your uncle with adequate care. If you do a moon phase reading later in the month, you may get the King of Pentacles AGAIN. Maybe your uncle’s health is declining and the card is a gentle message to prepare yourself to cope with his death.

Of course, stalker cards can also show up to drum in a message that you’re just not getting. If a card turns up frequently for you, pull it out of the deck and sit with it for a while. Get to know each other. Meditate with the card and ask what message it has for you. Be open to whatever message comes through, even if it’s difficult to hear. Then thank the card for being honest and giving you insight, whether you choose to act on it or not. Pay attention to what happens once you acknowledge the card’s message–does it stop stalking you? Or keep showing up to encourage you to take action?

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