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Spirit de la Lune oracle deck unboxing


I ordered the Spirit de la Lune oracle deck weeks ago, and had almost forgotten about it by the time it showed up in the mail.

Then I remembered that these cards are round, unlike any other deck I own. I’ve also been on an oracle deck binge and a moon kick lately, so I was eager to see how these would compare to my other recent buys, the Moon Phases Oracle and the Arcana of Astrology.

With 56 cards, this deck has more than either of the others. It’s divided into 28 moon phase cards, 16 cards outlining the 12 monthly full moons and the blue moon, solar eclipse, lunar eclipse, and the super moon, plus the 12 signs of the zodiac. It also comes with more extras–a round tin for carrying the cards, a printed guidebook (you can get one for the Moon Phases oracle) and a velvet pouch to keep everything together.

My few small complaints about this deck:

  • The text at the top of the cards is in a small script font that I find hard to read. Once I get more familiar with the cards, that probably won’t matter, but right now as I learn them, I have to hold them up close and squint. Despite my advancing age, I have 20/20 vision, so I’m anticipating this could be a concern for others out there as well.
  • The OCD dislikes that this deck alternates between Roman numerals and traditional Arabic numerals. Whatever. Not a huge deal by any stretch of the imagination.
  • I wish the stock was just a teeny bit thicker… again, this could be linked to my concern that someone will use these cards as coasters, based on size and shape.

Overall, I really like all three decks and find them different enough to be able to justify having and using all three. This is strictly a moon deck in a way the other two are not.  The Arcana of Astrology’s addition of the sun and planets makes that deck better suited to more varied/complex astrological work; the Moon Phases oracle includes concept and archetype cards (Luck, Resources, Mother, Father, etc.) that make it a somewhat more generalized oracle deck.

I’m currently investigating carrying the Spirit de la Lune oracle deck in the shop. In the meantime, you can shop for other tarot and oracle decks here

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  1. That was a great video. I’ve been eyeing the Spirit de la Lune deck and you answered some questions. You’re also very personable. Thank you!

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