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Scorpio Season is for Transformation

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It’s Scorpio season! Yay! I’m a double Scorpio, born with both sun and moon in this complicated sign. With Scorpio ruling my second house, the house of resources and values, I am drawn to people who take accountability for their mistakes and those who can rebuild after intense upheaval or transition. Scorpio is about rebirth and resurrection.

Jupiter’s entry into Scorpio makes this year’s late October/early November particularly intense: There’s a great post on Astrograph explaining the ways we may feel this transition. This really resonates for me: “In order to expand into new evolutionary territories and ways of being, it may be necessary to first engage in the process of diving deeply into scary places. We are being asked to have faith, and fall into the deep waters.”

For me, that deep dive means reimagining Phoenix & Lotus as something bigger. The shop is leveling up, moving from a specialty tarot and oracle shop with some crystals and jewelry to a place where you’ll be able to find almost everything you need to support your magical practice. Think broader, wilder, witchier–yet with the same commitment to finding items created by independent artists bringing beautiful energy to their work.

In the next few months, you’ll see some exciting changes. I’m working on new partnerships, new products, and a new website. If you’re passionate about tarot and oracle decks, don’t worry; Phoenix & Lotus will continue to stock amazing indie decks. (Starchild should be arriving soon, and I’m eagerly awaiting two decks backed on Kickstarter – Our Tarot and Mystic Mondays.)

I’m not sure when the transformation will be complete, but I’m getting awesome validation that I’m on the right path. Recently, some wonderful makers have reached out to me about carrying their creations, and I’m excited to add their work to the Phoenix & Lotus shelves. Candles and incense and smudge spray! (Oh my!)

So: Thank you all for your support as I lean into the Scorpio/Jupiter energy and get to work building you a better shop. Wishing you many fall blessings.

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