One question tarot reading



Looking for some insight?

Get some perspective with a single-question email reading. These readings are designed to help you evaluate the way you respond to different people, forces, and situations in your life.

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Whether you’re looking for a new direction, validation you’re on the right track, or something in between, this type of reading can help provide focus and clarity on your best course of action.

Your reading will include at least three cards. You’ll receive a one-page PDF with a photo of the cards drawn for you, interpretation of the cards, and a recommended affirmation, meditation, crystal, or reflection prompt for you to explore. Readings will be emailed to the address you provide within 3-5 business days.

Please provide a brief overview of the situation you’d like to focus on in your reading as well as your date of birth in the Additional Information/Order Notes at checkout. Thank you!

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Business & career, Creativity, Health & wellness, Love & relationships, Money & resources, Other


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