Dreamer’s Journey Oracle


Dreamer’s Journey Major Arcana Oracle Deck

A oracle deck featuring ethereal oil paintings. Cards graced with sensual trees, mystical figures, and primeval energy deliver reflection prompts to help you develop your intuition and inner dreamer.

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Dreamer’s Journey Major Arcana Oracle Deck

A 44-card oracle deck created by artist Allyson Williams-Yee. Comes with three additional info cards in a full-color tuck box. The first 22 cards draw on the archetypes of the tarot’s major arcana; the remaining 22 cards capture additional energies.

This deck is for you if:

  • you want a hybrid between the traditional tarot and oracle decks.
  • you’re comfortable working with variations on the traditional tarot: Inner Awareness vs the Hermit, Upheaval vs the Tower, Ego vs the Devil.
  • you like decks with messages printed directly on the cards.
  • you’re ready to work with cards that call out energies like overwhelm, distraction, and stagnation, following the gentle suggestions on how to address these forces in our lives.

See more card images in the unboxing video here.

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