Antique Anatomy Tarot


Antique Anatomy Tarot

A black and white/sepia deck featuring antique medical illustrations, artfully reimagined as tarot cards. Second edition.

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A 78-card tarot deck created by Canadian artist Claire Goodchild, Black and the Moon. Comes with a cover card and major arcana info card in a printed tuck box.

This is a great deck for shadow work, connecting with ancestor guides, and readings about the physical body and health.

This deck is for you if:

  • you love oddities, skulls, bones, and the slightly macabre.
  • you’re comfortable working with minimalist decks.
  • you don’t need no stinking guidebook.
  • packaging and fancy extras don’t matter, you just want a deck you love. You’re going to lose or destroy the box in 3 days anyway, right?

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