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Moon Phases Oracle first look

I first saw the Moon Phases Oracle on Instagram (because apparently, that’s where I learn about new decks. Go, thriving tarot community!). It was sold out at the time, but then I saw that the deck would be included in the Sapphire Soul March box. I’d been thinking about signing up for the box and… the deck decided for me. Done.

It’s a small deck: the cards are about 2.5 inches by 3.5 inches. It come wrapped in plastic–no box. There is a guidebook, which you can download on the Mystic Moons Tarot website. The 17-page book offers interpretations of each of the 38 cards, some background on the deck and creators, and a five-card spread.

The images are really simple, but have weight and depth to them. I like how this deck feels: physically in my hands, and magickally, connected to my sixth sense. I can see it working well with a variety of tarot decks. As the name implies, there are many images focused on the moon, but there are also cards like perspective, resources, song, intentions, adaptability… It’s a good mix of moon cards, gifts/signs, and energies.

I’ll start using this deck tomorrow for next week’s #morningoracle messages on Instagram. Follow me there to get daily oracle messages, coupon codes, and announcements about what’s new in the shop.


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