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Mineral Monday: Jade


Jade has long been considered powerful in Eastern cultures. Who hasn’t seen carved jade in their local Chinese restaurant or market and stopped to look more closely at the intricate figures? We’ll explore some of the reasons behind that popularity here.

While most commonly found in green, jade also comes in orange, brown, blue, lavender, cream, red, yellow or white. There are two distinct varieties of jade, which have different mineral compositions: nephrite and jadeite. Jadeite is harder and gemmier; nephrite is softer and less valuable. They share the same healing properties.

Jade is found in China, Russia, India, New Zealand, and throughout southeast Asia. It’s also available in the Swiss Alps, parts of Canada, and Guatemala–think mountainous regions.

As far back as the Neolithic period, the Chinese used jade in burial rituals to protect the dead in the afterlife (1). That’s a great starting point for some of jade’s most often-cited magical properties: longevity, protection and communion with the spirit world. Jade can provide a powerful boost in clearing ancestral karma and working with ancestor guides. It’s also known to bring insightful dreams and help with dream recall (1).

A heart chakra stone, jade is associated with serenity and an increased sense of belonging. Its ability to help people relax supports healing at a deep level and supports the flow of chi/kundalini/life force (2).

Jade bird necklace
1920s jade pendant with fruit and bird

Its green color links it to growth, fertility, luck, friendship and prosperity as well.  You may be getting a good idea why it appears so often in business settings–what business owner wouldn’t want to attract success and prosperity?

I find that jade has a very gentle energy – it’s soothing and easy to work with, even for intense dream work or sessions communicating with ancestral guides. I have many small pieces of jade, and feel especially called to work with it at solstices and equinoxes. It’s a mainstay in my ancestor altar, and I frequently use it in working magic for business or career success.

At right is a lovely jade pendant that was a gift from my grandmother; I believe it belonged to her mother or grandmother. While I only rarely wear it, on the days I do, I definitely feel lucky.

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