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The Lumina Tarot deck interview


Last night, I interviewed my Lumina deck to see how she wants to work together. The Lumina tarot deck interview revealed that… she wants to do client readings.

There are several different deck interview spreads I like; for this deck, I chose one Ethony shared a few months back.

Here’s how I typically work with new decks: I’ll do the interview spread, jot down my notes about what I see in the cards, intuitive messages from my guides, and anything else that stands out: my gut reactions. Then I’ll turn to the guidebook or materials that come with the deck to see if there’s a different take on the card there. Different artists and tarot professionals bring their own perspectives to the cards; I love learning how others see things. Sometimes it makes me rethink my perception of a card, or gives me insight into how meanings can change depending on the context of a reading.

So, here’s what the Lumina deck had to tell me.

What kinds of readings will you excel at?

8 of Wands reversed. (Learn about my take on reversals.) My take: Good for readings about career, passion projects, creative & artistic endeavors, travel and adventure, big life shake-ups or changes in direction. Also, the reversal suggests that blockages or loss of momentum are important–this deck will be especially adept at readings on getting unstuck. Added insight from the guidebook: will be good for those who are conflicted about their path or choices, people trying to overcome setbacks, and those looking for new alternatives.

What are your strengths as a deck?

Ace of Wands. Clear, focused insight; intelligent, practical, on-point communication. That’s everything I want in a tarot deck, right there. Well, that and gorgeous images. Which the Lumina absolutely delivers. Guidebook bonus: the keywords right at the top of the page? “Potent power,  clear thinking, spiritual insight.” Further down in the text: “leading you to reach such dynamic clarity of thought all other distractions or complexities fall away.”

What are you here to teach me?

Judgment reversed. Trust your judgment and your calling – when you question yourself, dig deeper and try to see what’s behind that doubt. Don’t take that inner critic at face value. Also, know that sometimes I’m going to be pulled in directions I didn’t plan on. The guidebook insight: “Are you placing too much emphasis on something or someone? Are you being judgmental or critical? …Come back into your center and power.” This is also a card of illumination and understanding. I’m definitely open to learning more of that from this deck.

How can I best connect with you?

Ace of Wands. Look at that Ace, wand in hand. This deck wants to be touched. Used in working magick. With me for my business venture and passion pursuit: Phoenix & Lotus. The book’s message: “Go for it!” “You are entering a significantly powerful phase of your life where a new relationship, creative endeavour, profession, study, or business venture will consume your being, igniting you to step towards yourSelf and embrace the leader within.” In other words: Kick ass. Take names.

What card sums you up best?

Queen of Swords. I love the combination of intuition, power and nurturing inherent in all the Queens. In addition to those qualities, the Queen of Swords embodies keen insight and truth, delivered clearly. Great conversations are in store with this deck… hours and hours of back and forth. The guidebook describes her as strong, determined, and intelligent. She’s highly perceptive and provides unbiased opinions, which makes her the idea counselor when you’re looking for an honest opinion or new perspective on a situation.

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  1. I love this! I got a similar reading when I interviewed this deck on her strengths. I love seeing the overlap.

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