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Getting to know the Moon Deck

My first impressions: This is a gentle deck, soft and reassuring as your grandmother’s hand on your feverish five-year old forehead. This is a deck that will wrap you up in a loving embrace and make you believe that everything is, in fact, OK. You got this. More that that–prolonged work with this deck will make you believe you are a beautiful creature, wild and magical.

If you’re looking for a deck to boost confidence or build self-love, look no further. This deck’s amazing affirmations will serve as a powerful ally. Messages like:

  • “It is safe and beautiful to express my sensuality.”
  • “I am on the right path and divinely guided.”
  • “Healthy boundaries keep me centered and balanced.”
  • “I love myself completely and unconditionally.”
  • “I meet resistance with kindness.”

And, my favorite: “I am ready, Thank you!”

The Deck interview

I pulled three cards to get to know the deck a bit better. I asked:

  1. What kind of readings will you excel at?
  2. Which card sums you up best?
  3. What else should I know about you?

The answers:moon deck unboxing

“I focus on what is working.” This deck will rule for providing clear guidance about the best path forward/action to take in a situation. It’s not about all the backstory or what got you there-it’s what to do next to move forward.

“When I let others shine I shine too.” It’s a nurturing deck, a deck for building healthy relationships and community through positive messages and reinforcement. It celebrates uniqueness, individuality, and cooperation, steering clear of unhealthy comparisons and competition.

“I live each moment with a presence of gratitude.” A potent reminder to be present in the moment and to focus on the good in our loves, building a cycle where we attract more of those good things.

Another great thing about this deck: I can’t even express how much I love the guidebook. Not so much for the card interpretations–although those are lovely–but for the simple rituals that accompany each card. They’re accessible, yet powerful, easy to fit into your day. No gargantuan lists of supplies or need to meditate for hours–most are quick reflections or actions, like setting an intention and lighting a candle or placing a gratitude note into a jar every day for a month, then reading all the notes at the end of the month. Yes, some rituals are longer. But transformation takes sustained effort over time–some days we need to invest more time than others.

Overall, the Moon Deck is a soft, nurturing deck–the embodiment of Empress energy.

Get the Moon Deck here.

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