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The Deck Collection: January 2018

Indie tarot decks

Wow… so, I recently posted a photo on Instagram of most of my tarot & oracle decks, recently moved to shelves so I can actually see/access them, and that prompted a question about which decks I have.

Um… It’s been a while since I made a list, so I figured now is probably as good a time as any. Obviously, I order a lot of decks to preview for the shop. And since the sweet spot for Phoenix & Lotus is indie decks, that’s what makes up the majority of my collection. Actually, it probably goes both ways… indie decks are probably a sweet spot for P&L because I love them and want to help people connect with their dream decks… the ones that aren’t on Amazon or in the majority of pagan shops.

So, here’s the current collection–stars indicate indie decks:

Tarot decks: (34)

American Obscura Tarot*
Antique Anatomy Tarot (first edition)*
Connected & Free: The Alchemist’s Oracle*
Cosmos Tarot & Oracle set
Dali Tarot Universal
The Darkness of Light Tarot*
Dust II Onyx Tarot (first edition)*
The Fountain Tarot*
The Golden Thread Tarot*
Gypsy Palace Tarot*
The Housewives Tarot
Jonasa Jaus Tarot*
Justice League Tarot
The Lioness Oracle Tarot*
The Lost Code of Tarot
The Lumina Tarot (first edition)*
Madam Clara*
Tarot de Marseilles
Mesquite Tarot*
The Mystic Dreamers Tarot*
Mystic Mondays*
Ophidia Rosa Tarot*
Tarot of Pagan Cats
Paulina Tarot
The Prisma Visions Tarot (second edition)*
Rider-Waite Smith
Serpentfire Tarot*
Shadowscapes Tarot
Slow Holler Tarot*
Starchild Tarot (Akashic edition, overized deck)*
The Starlight Dragon Tarot*
Thoth Tarot
Vintage Horror Tarot*
Wanderer’s Tarot*
The Wild Unknown (first edition)*
The Wooden Tarot*
Zombie Tarot

Oracle decks: (33)

Arcana of Astrology*
The Awakened Soul Oracle*
Compendium of Constellations*
Dreamer’s Journey Oracle*
The Earthbound Oracle*
Earthly Souls & Spirits Oracle*
The Extraordinary Oracle*
Flowers From the Dead*
Halloween Oracle
Indie Wild Rune Oracle*
Inner Star Oracle (Both Magic and Clarity Editions)*
Kuan Yin Oracle
Lavish Earth Crystal Affirmation Cards*
The Moon Deck*
The Moon Phase Oracle*
Oracle of Oddities (first, second and third editions)*
The Promethian Oracle
Pythia Botanica Oracle*
The Rebel Deck*
The Sacred Creators Oracle*
The Sacred Rebels Oracle
Sacred Wild Oracle*
Soulflower Plant Spirit Oracle*
Soul Trees Oracle (first edition)*
Spirit Cats*
Spirit de La Lune (first edition)*
The Stone Circle Oracle
The Universal Mind Oracle (first edition)*
Vintage Wisdom Oracle
The Wild Unknown Animal Spirit Oracle*

Lenormand decks: (4)

The Enchanted Lenormand Oracle
The Key is Me Lenormand*
The Prince Lenormand*
The Seeker’s Lenormand*

Decks I have but want to get rid of: (8)

78 Cards (first version of the Tattoo Tarot)*
Ask Your Guides Oracle Cards
The Astrology Oracle*
Daily Guidance from your Angels Oracle Cards
The Disciples Tarot*
Tarot in Thyme Oracle*
Visionary Cards/Here & Now oracle*
The Witch Bone Tarot*

Decks I backed on Kickstarter but don’t have yet: (6)

The Brady Tarot*
Ethereal Visions: An Illuminated Tarot Deck*
Our Tarot*
The Tessera Oracle (not really a deck but super cool)*
True Black Tarot*
Visions of the Muse Oracle*

My goal is to keep the collection at under 100 decks, to make sure that I’m actively using everyone (or feeding another interest–like the American Obscura Tarot supports my love of seedy American history… carnivals, burlesque, serial killers, historic disasters… that kind of thing). While I never thought I’d get rid of any decks, I’m finally realizing that some of them weren’t meant to stay with me–I’m just a stop to help them find their rightful homes. And that’s just fine.


4 thoughts on “The Deck Collection: January 2018

  1. Jen,
    In your section Decks I have but want to get rid of; at least 2 listed I am very interested in. One I have trying to track down for quite some time. Do you have any Payments in mind for a transaction? If so please get back to me ASAP!

  2. Jen, do you have an email?

    1. I tried emailing you directly the other day when you commented, but… not sure you got the message – it’s Thanks!

  3. I do appreciate very much that you support indie decks in your shop. I see also we have an overlapping taste in tarot and oracle decks (my deck collection is much much smaller, but I own many you have listed).

    I love that you added decks you have backed on kickstarter, as that is how I’ve “bought” most of my decks (but it is thanks to shops like yours that I have found other goodies to fill out my collection).

    @Lauren, Try sending Jenn a PM via the PL facebook page if the google form on the ‘Contact Us’ on this website page doesn’t go through.

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