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Head spinning from Crystals 102

I spent yesterday taking a crystal class with the amazing Kimberly Barrett of Light Upon the Lotus. While crystals 101 covers the basics (which I skipped), Crystals 102 gets more into different crystal formations, the reasons you’d work with a particular crystal, and grid work.

One of the things I love about Kimberly is that she chooses unique crystals for the people who have signed up for each class, so each person gets exactly what they need at that particular point on their spiritual journey. For example, the crystals I received today are different than the ones a friend got when she took the same class several years ago.

I came home with a beautiful Lemurian crystal, a channeling crystal that also happens to be a record keeper, and a lovely piece of variscite.

Crystals 102
My new crystal friends: variscite, Franklin the Lemurian, and Moltar the Channeler.

Crystal formations

For those new to crystals, here’s a brief explanation. Different crystal formations have different magical and metaphysical properties. For example, a Lemurian crystal is typically a laser wand shape. According to Kimberly, Lemurians have six sides with three wide and three narrower ones. These crystals have lines like a barcode on one or more sides. Stroking the barcode side while meditating can help connect more deeply with these crystals, which hold the wisdom of the ancient civilization of Lemuria.

Record-keepers have little raised triangles on at least one face of the crystal… the triangles can be tough to see, but get more defined as you work with the crystal more. These crystals also hold special insight and wisdom.

The number of sides on a face of the crystal also determines some of its properties – for example, five-sided faces make Isis crystals, which help access divine feminine energy; while those with seven-sided faces are channeling crystals. Channeling crystals do just what it sounds like – help you channel messages from spirit guides.

The class

Kimberly guided me through awesome meditations with all three of my new crystals to help me connect with their energies… and each one is very different. The Channeler is a bit sassy; he showed me vivid images and encouraged me to cultivate the power to disappear/fade from people’s awareness (which is an awesome skill to have in meetings.) Franklin the Lemurian (who’s female, FYI) showed me some complex past life stuff that I don’t fully understand yet. She’s gentle, yet powerful.

And the variscite… well, that’s a story for another blog post.

I also got to hang out in the center of a Star of David grid that we set up to help with my discipline. Kimberly has a BIG grid laid out on a piece of fabric–she spread it out on the floor, I got in the middle and BOOM. All kinds of good vibes. After hanging out in that grid for a while, I’ve decided I want to be able to draw or paint grids on the floor of my shop when I finally open a brick and mortar location. #Shopgoals

The aftermath 

Naturally, the first thing I wanted to do when I got home was re-inspect all my crystals for unidentified gifts! Here’s what I found:

My big smoky quartz is a record-keeper library. I also have a wee quartz point that’s a record-keeper, as well as two Lemurian crystals I got for short money at a clearance sale. 🙂 And… one of those is also a record-keeper.

record keepers
The long crystals are the Lemurians. The one at the top is a record-keeper, and so are the smaller crystals at the sides. Whoo-hoo!

It’s challenging to photograph the triangles in record-keepers, but I think I managed to get a decent shot. If you look at the very center of the photo, you should be able to make out the triangle:

I had a phantom I never knew about, and several Isis crystals. As well as a TON of companion crystals. Companion crystals are two crystals growing together. Different configurations represent different types of companionship–soul mates, inner children, tantric twins, and so on. I love finding crystals that are connected in that way.

My morion (super-dark smoky quartz) has shit going ON. It’s a record-keeper, it’s got multiple inner children, and it’s one of my absolute favorites. Although I always seem to forget how amazing it really is until I pick it up. The wee guys growing out of the top here are the inner children.

Now that I have a better sense of what special crystals I have, I’m trying decide how to unlock their potential. I’m thinking that each full moon when I do a tarot reading, I’ll also meditate with a different crystal to see what insight it has for the coming moon cycle. Or combine past-life/ancestor readings with crystals that have inner children. And then make grids with them to heal whatever comes up in the reading… so many possibilities!

I’m confident that using these crystals in new ways will give my magick an extra boost. Time to level up.

What special crystals are hiding in your stash that you’ve forgotten about or overlooked?

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