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Astrology of Herbs & Tarot [book review]

Astrology of Herbs & Tarot


Astrology of Herbs & Tarot draws on author Lauren Luquin’s experience coupling astrology reading and birth chart interpretations with other tools frequently used for intuition and healing. She positions it as a handbook, and she’s very clear on what it does and doesn’t include: “…this handbook is intended to give practitioners and those interested in the healing arts a convenient reference to elaborate on one’s own intuitive understanding. This handbook does not go in depth on how to create specific herbal formulas, prepare natal birth carts, or do tarot spreads for readings.”

It’s a great quick reference guide for those who can’t quite remember which signs correspond to which elements, or whether a particular sign is cardinal, mutable, or fixed (or what the difference between those might be). The book lists the 12 houses of the zodiac and which arenas each governs. It’s got the glyphs for each zodiac sign and planet. It lists different ways to use herbal alchemy, such as preparing an essential oil blend, drinking an herbal tea, creating a medicine bag or setting an herb on your altar. The guide also offers examples of intentions readers may wish to manifest: prosperity, fertility, love, confidence…

In the tarot portion of the guide, the author describes the basic structure of the cards (four suits, elemental correspondences) and lists the 22 major arcana. Next she moves into color and chromatherapy, chakras, and how/why someone may use affirmations or crystals.

The final section covers what Lauren calls energy signatures–most witches or pagans would call them correspondences. Want to tap into the energy of the sun? Here are the signs, herbs, tarot cards, crystals, chakras and affirmations that can support you in that mission.

Ideal for…

If you’re adding a new methodology to your healing arsenal, this book could be a solid go-to. For example, if you’re already familiar with tarot or astrology and looking for ways to expand your practice, this could be a great resource, offering ways to incorporate herb magick or crystal work. Going on vacation or camping but can’t quite let go of all your books? Toss this in your bag.

If you’re looking for in-depth information on specific herb, crystal, or tarot meanings, this is not the book you’re looking for. This covers broad topics at a high level: think two or three pages for each of the topics listed above (many of which have libraries of full-length volumes dedicated to exploring them in depth). It’s not intro material, but could introduce readers to new ways to combine different healing techniques.


Astrology of Herbs & Tarot
by Lauren Luquin. (c) 2016 Lauren Luquin
Paperback, 60 pages.
Excerpts and images used here with permission.

2 thoughts on “Astrology of Herbs & Tarot [book review]

  1. I got this a while back and finally sat down to read it the other day. I feel like “book” is a bit of a big word for it? It’s more of a pamphlet isn’t it? It really doesn’t include a lot of information that cannot be googled really quickly if one is wondering about what herb goes with a certain planet and so on. I just have a copy that I printed myself when she sold it as an e-mail course so maybe the “book” feels more handy…

    1. It’s definitely more of a handbook or guide than a full-on book. And while you can get the same information on Google, for a lot of readers, having the organization and context that you get with this format (vs. what you happen to find on the internet) is helpful.

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