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Arcana of Astrology Unboxing

Here’s a video of my initial thoughts on Black and the Moon‘s Arcana of Astrology deck. If you’re not into videos, let me sum it up for you: I really dig this deck. There are 26 cards. They’re minimalist, but rich. Overall verdict: it rocks.

The Arcana of Astrology is by Claire Goodchild, creator of the Antique Anatomy tarot deck–which will be available through Phoenix & Lotus some time in March. 😉

The cards include moon phases (new, first quarter, full, last quarter), planets, the sun, and the constellations associated with the astrological signs. I wish she had included the crescent moons, because those are my favorites, but realize that would have also necessitated the gibbous moons, and then there are four more cards and… sigh. I get it. That is my single complaint about this deck.

The keywords she’s chosen for each card make it a great tool for those just learning about astrology, but the text is small enough so as not to be distracting from the images and overall energy of the cards. These will definitely feature heavily in my moon cycle readings.




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