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78 Cards Tarot Deck Unboxing

78 Cards Tarot readings

Here’s a video of the unboxing of the 78 Cards deck from Eight Coins, Lana Zellner. She’s a tattoo apprentice and her artwork has that vintage-flash inspired flavor. I filmed this at Watch City Studios in Waltham, Massachusetts, where my husband is part of a recording collective… a lot of tattoos that resemble this deck have been in that studio, so it felt like the right place to get to know each other. (Seriously – go check out the cover of the Diablo Gato record. Similar vibe.)

First impressions: You can see Lana’s progression as an artist in the way she packaged the deck. She started with the cards that she drew first (which wound up being the last cards I saw in the video) and ended with the latest drawings. A much as my OCD freaked out over that (OMG! How will I know if I’m missing a card? After this I’m gonna have to sort everything into majors and minors and put all the suits in order! GAH!) it was a fun way to meet the cards… in the same order that Lana did.

There is a guidebook that goes along with this deck; because I missed this deck on KickStarter and ordered it later, I had to order the book separately. I’m really looking forward to that; Lana’s collaborated with some well-known tarot folks to write it:

  • Major Arcana – Kelly-Ann Maddox, The Four Queens
  • Wands – Christy Talbot, Tarot Girl Next Door
  • Cups – Sebastian Åkesson, Father of Wands
  • Swords – Ethony Dawn
  • Pentacles – Lana Zellner, Eight Coins

I’ve already done a few readings with this deck and find it really easy to work with. She’ll definitely be going into the rotation for client readings for the next few months. Want a reading? Book one now.

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