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The Queen of Cups prepares the Sweet September [a Mabon cocktail]


I’m so excited to be taking part in my first Tarot blog hop! The topic seemed tailor-made for me, as this is the start of my favorite season and my husband and I enjoy preparing meals as a way to celebrate.

The post guidelines: choose a character from your […]

Friday, September 22, 2017|Categories: Practical Magic|Tags: , |

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How pendulums can support your tarot readings

Pendulums can be a great tool on their own, but since I’m a tarot geek at heart, I’m most drawn to pairing them with cards. Especially to offer clarification during readings. Sometimes we get hung up on whether or not a reversal means something, or whether a court card indicates a person or an aspect […]

Thursday, September 7, 2017|Categories: Tarot | oracle | cartomancy|Tags: |

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Test-driving the Darkness of Light Tarot

So – I’ve been using the Darkness of Light Tarot for about a month now and…

I love it.

It’s one of my new favorite decks. This deck GETS ME.

I usually charge my decks out on my screen porch altar for a few days/nights, then sleep with them under my pillow for a few more nights […]

Sunday, September 3, 2017|Categories: Tarot | oracle | cartomancy|Tags: , |

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