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2017 Witchy/Woo-Woo Gift Guide: for the Astrologically Inclined

gifts for astrology lovers

Some of us are blessed with the gift of choosing magical gifts for our nearest and dearest. But if that’s not your super-power, have no fear. This post kicks off a series identifying awesome Yule gifts for all the witches, light workers, and soul-seekers on your list. Each guide includes a combination of items you’ll find here at Phoenix & Lotus and gorgeous goods from other magickal makers.

We’ll kick it off with the perfect gifts for the friend obsessed with astrology. You know who I mean: the one who knows exactly which phase the moon is in, when Mercury goes direct, and the most auspicious sun sign/moon sign combos for weddings, moving, applying for that new job… this person plans based on the heavenly bodies.

Gifts they’ll loveĀ 

If your star-studded friend also has an affinity for card-slinging, you’ve got plenty of options to choose from:

  • Black and the Moon’s Arcana of Astrology or Compendium of Constellations oracle decks. Both feature beautiful, simple representations of different constellations set against lushly colored backgrounds. The 90-card Compendium includes familiar figures like Ursa Major, Ursa Minor, Draco and Orion, as well as constellations better recognized by folks who have spent significant time staring at the night skies. The Arcana of Astrology uses larger cards in a similar style to showcase the moon phases, planets, signs of the zodiac, major asteroids and eclipses.
  • The Spirit de la Lune oracle set. Round cards depict each of the 28 days in the moon’s cycle, with colorful moondalas representing the different zodiac signs, full moons, and eclipses.

If you’re looking for jewelry, try:

Check out a few other fun ideas:

Happy shopping!

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