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2017 Witchy/Woo-Woo Gift Guide: for the Spooky Souls

Gifts for the spooky set

Next up in the holiday gift guide, we’ll explore some fun Yule gifts for your oddity lovers and fans of the dark side. You’ll find a combination of items available at Phoenix & Lotus as well as suggestions from other magickal makers.

First up, we’ve got Ouija zippered bags by Olivia Frankenstein, which pair perfectly with Leila + Olive’s peony planchette pin. (Try saying that last part three times fast–you know you want to.) Looking for more Ouija-themed goodies? Check out Project Om Jewelry’s awesome planchette rings and necklaces. She’s got some cool coffin necklaces as well. If you’re digging the coffin idea, but not sold on jewelry, a wood-burned coffin box may be an option.

Artwork by Skullgarden

Divine Noctivaga has lovely little handmade tarot and oracle deck bags with skulls and skeletons galore… Just the thing for storing the Flowers From the Dead oracle deck. Light your reading space with these awesome skull and brain candles by Skandle.

Poison Apple Printshop has stunning prints and patches, along with some t-shirts and bandannas. If you’re looking for some other otherworldly prints, check out Skullgarden’s Etsy shop: His work should look familiar if you’ve seen the Wooden Tarot, Earthbound Oracle, or Seeker’s Lenormand.

BlackCraft Cult has a wide variety of apparel and accessories for the Satan fans (NSFW, BTW). Fiendies and Cat Coven both have some lovely handcrafted occult goods as well, ranging from spell kits, spirit boards and other divination tools to throw pillows, tapestries, pins and patches.

Got other ideas for spooky shopping? Share in the comments!

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