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Birth-Death-Rebirth: Checking in with the Ancestors

Samhain tarot reading 2017 Ophidia Rosa tarot


Le Roi Est Mort, Vive Le Roi! (The King is Dead, Long Live The King): Birth, Death & Rebirth

A Samhain Tarot Blog Hop – I had so much fun in the last blog hop, I decided to sign up for another one! I love seeing people come up with different interpretations of the prompts, just like each reader sees varying stories and messages in the same set of cards.

The prompt for this post: Another year has reached its conclusion and collectively as well as individually we’ve experienced change. Through these changes, we’ve received many gifts from our lineage. For this year’s Samhain Hop, our trusty wrangler was interested in finding out where everyone is at the end of this cycle. Using either a single card or a three card spread from your chosen deck:
  • What do the cards tell you about where this cycle has lead you – Where have you been?
  • What do they tell you about where you are headed – Where are you going?
  • What do you feel has changed for you at the end of this cycle along your journey of life?

I specifically asked three guides I work with closely for their insight/guidance in this reading… two ancestors and a past life. I chose to work with the Ophidia Rosa Tarot as a nod to past life Rose, a lovely little Celtic witch who enjoyed working with herbs and plant medicines. (Though all three of my guides appreciate this deck… there’s something timeless about it that appeals to all of them.)

And now: The reading and analysis.

Where have I been: The Tower.
Yep. This year has been one of upheaval, for sure. Between my husband’s back surgery in January, a new day job in March and my aunt’s death at the end of June, a lot of my values have shifted. Things I previously valued highly mean a lot less to me now. I’ve also been rethinking a lot of long-held beliefs and shifting my focus. I’m rebuilding with a stronger foundation, getting the pieces in place that will prepare me for success in that next step.

Where am I going? Nine of Swords.
While traditionally this is the nightmare card, in this deck it’s more about waking up to the limitations and barriers that have been holding you back. At this stage in my journey, it’s about creating an environment where I can flourish and grow: getting crystal clear on what that environment looks like.  To a certain extent, it also represents my malcontent at being caught in the corporate world while I do the legwork to take Phoenix & Lotus to the next level. I’m still trapped, but not for much longer. I look at this like a seedling started in a safe indoor environment: soon it will grow too big to be contained in the current vessel and must be moved to a larger pot.

What has changed? The Empress.
I’ve become a better nurturer. I’m much more attuned to what the people around me need, as well as what I need to do to care for myself and my business. While my mother has called me an Amazon warrior, I’m starting to recognize that softness can be a strength. I don’t have to be constantly prepared for battle. It’s OK to stop off for some cocoa, soup, or other nourishment. This card is also about family and connections–while I’m strongly introverted, this year I’ve developed some wonderful new friendships with people who encourage and inspire me. And as a result, I’m much more grounded and secure as I move forward along my path.


Posted on 4 Comments

4 thoughts on “Birth-Death-Rebirth: Checking in with the Ancestors

  1. We both have the Empress in our future. :: high five :: I liked your interpretation for the Nine of Wands as it took the sharp edge from it. My favorite part is: “I look at this like a seedling started in a safe indoor environment: soon it will grow too big to be contained in the current vessel and must be moved to a larger pot.” Such a beautiful imagery you’ve painted with words!!!

  2. Wow interesting cards, and wonderful insights. Thank you for being apart of this hop.

  3. That Empress seems to be very important. I love your take on it. This is one fascinating hop!

  4. Beautiful cards! Yes, self-care (especially in the form of some hot cocoa) is incredibly important!

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