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Getting to know the Moon Deck

My first impressions: This is a gentle deck, soft and reassuring as your grandmother’s hand on your feverish five-year old forehead. This is a deck that will wrap you up in a loving embrace and make you believe that everything is, in fact, OK. You got this. More that that–prolonged work with this deck […]

It’s my birthday! A year in review.

So. It’s my birthday today. I’m 42.

I kind of thought hitting the answer to life, the universe and everything would make me feel more enlightened. (Ok, not really, but – I am a nerd and needed to get that out there).

A lot has happened in the last year. A LOT. Much of it…. challenging.

For […]

Monday, November 14, 2016|Categories: Announcements|Tags: |

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Spread the light: Even small acts matter

It’s the day after the presidential election in the United States, and there’s a lot of emotion.

Women, people of color, my queer friends and family, those with disabilities, and all sorts of other folks are deeply shocked, saddened, and sickened that Trump has been elected.

It’s easy to feel powerless and hopeless.

I get it. It’s […]

Wednesday, November 9, 2016|Categories: Practical Magic|Tags: |

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Test-driving the Wild Unknown Spirit Cloth

I like to have personal experience with all the items for sale in my shop. So, even though I typically read cross-legged on the floor in my office, looking at a piece of paper with a printout or sketch of whatever spread I’m using (unless it’s one of my old faithfuls) I knew it was only […]

Thursday, November 3, 2016|Categories: Product previews, Tarot | oracle | cartomancy|Tags: , |

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