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Prepping for the June 2016 Turn to the Stars Psychic Fair

In Saturday, I’ll have a table at the Turn to the Stars Psychic Fair at the Yard Restaurant, in Manchester, NH.

This fair has a special place in my spiritual journey:  I met Kimberly Barrett at the April 2015 event; she’s become an important mentor for me since then. Kimberly will be doing healing sessions […]

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Mineral Monday: Garnet

This week, we’ll explore garnet’s magical properties. If you’re like most people, you immediately think of red or pink stones. But garnet comes in a variety of colors, all with different names:


red-brown or deep red

deep violet red



red or green

dark green

green, brown or black

brown to yellowish brown

The different colors all have their own unique healing properties, […]

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Change in focus: release your magic

When I started this site, I imagined that I would be a content curator, finding all these amazing things and telling the stories of the people who made them.

I still want to do that.

But more than that, I want to help people explore their own magical practices and rituals–help people figure out what’s right […]

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Mineral Monday: Ammonite

I never gave much thought to the healing properties of ammonite until I saw one at a rock and mineral show earlier this year–and couldn’t tear myself away from it. The spiral, the earthy colors, the pattern like oak leaves at the bottom of a pond…  I’ve always found fossils fascinating. Ammonites are preserved prehistoric mollusks.

The blend […]

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Mineral Monday: Black Tourmaline

Grounding. Protection. Centering. Strength. Ahhhh.

Black tourmaline.

While tourmaline comes in many colors, black is the most common. You can find it in the United States, Brazil, Africa, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka.

Also known as schorl, this dark stone offers powerful protection against electromagnetic pollution, psychic attack, and other harmful energies. It’s a shamanic stone that offers protection […]

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The Starchild Tarot Akashic edition unboxing

If I had to use one word to sum up my impressions of the Starchild Tarot Akashic edition based on the unboxing:


Dig I mention that this deck is beautiful?

Also, BIG. While artist Danielle Noel has said that she plans to release this deck in a smaller size, that’s not currently available. So, small-handed shufflers, […]